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It Happened Off the Leash
A celebration of our loyal mutts, mongrels, pure-breeds, pooches and all-round best friends

It Happened off the Leash cover

Dogs bring joy, love, companionship, laughter and occasional chaos to family life. They are our loyal friends, our protectors, our workmates and our resident couch potatoes. Here you’ll find stories by dog lovers across Australia and New Zealand: from dogs who have saved lives or been saved, to dogs with extra special talents or no talent at all, to dogs who do what they’re told and those who do exactly the opposite. The one constant – we adore them.

Contributors include Andy Griffiths • Sonya Hartnett • John Clarke • Favel Parrett David Astle • Toni Jordan • Phillip Adams • Ellen van Neerven • Damon Young Debra Adelaide • Robert Dessaix and many more devoted fans of the dog.

It Happened in a Holden
A celebration of the Holden and the Australians who drive, ride, love and bicker in it


The Holden rolled into our lives in 1948 and has been firmly rooted in the Australian psyche ever since. The FJ, the EH, the Torana, the Kingswood, the panel van, the Monaro, the ute – each car is like a tuning fork for eras of Australian family, city and bush life. Almost every Australian has a Holden story, and this book is packed with tales from all walks of Australian life.They are funny, brave, warm, sad and sometimes ridiculous.

Bruce Beresford, Jamie Whincup, Cate Kennedy, Father Bob Maguire, Kerry Greenwood, Shane Jacobson, Bev Brock, John Romeril, Anna Krien, Anson Cameron, Christine Nixon, Frankie J Holden, Tara June Winch, Peter Corris, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Gary Poole, and many more.

‘If you are, or have ever been, the owner of a Holden, read this book and rejoice. If you’ve never owned a Holden, read it and weep.’  Frankie J Holden

It Happened on a Fishing Trip
A celebration of fishing, the places it takes us, and the people it brings together

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Fishing – we do it in ponds, creeks, great rivers, the deep sea. Some fall under the spell of the chase, some spend a lifetime trying to tie the perfect fly, some just like sitting on the pier for hours. These are tales of the fishing adventures and misadventures of amateurs and pros, one-time anglers, families and friends, in the stunning landscape of Australia.

Stories, pictures and hilarious anecdotes from folk across the country, including fishing royalty Vicki Lear • Philip Weigall • Steve Starling • Greg French, writers Hilary McPhee • Krissy Kneen • Vicki Hastrich • Angela Pippos and many more amateur enthusiasts.